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My Story

The more active I became, the more I wanted to do because I felt better.  I had more energy, and my body felt stronger. 


Instead of putting myself on a restrictive timeline, I set a goal. If it took me years to create unhealthy habits and feel the results, why would it not take years to feel differently? 


The process of trying to find products that you can trust can be overwhelming to say the least. I found the solution in Mōdere, a trusted name in the wellness industry for over 30 years.

Over the next few years with the help of collagen, my wellness continued to elevate to the next level. I was also  eating better, exercising, and eliminating toxins regularly because I had the energy to take care of myself in a way I never thought was possible.

I'm sharing my life changing journey with collagen with others because I know what's possible for me is also possible for you.

I can help you get started on your journey today with the product that fits your lifestyle and your goals. You deserve to feel strong and abundant with energy in whatever phase of life you're in.

Click the button to get started on your free consult with me and check out additional ways we can work together below!

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